Our Products

We are an official dealer for several major brands such as:

Batavus, Gazelle, Cortina and Pointer.
And don’t forget an official dealer of the Victoria e-trekking 5.7 h

Victoria e-trekking 5.7 h

We, therefore, have the most common models of these brands in our range.

When visiting our store you will receive expert advice on cycling, and we will help you in selecting a new bicycle.

There is an exciting new Conway Mountainbike with SHIMANO parts and sustainable design.

Conway Mountainbike

Exchanging your old bike is also possible.

Bike Accessories

We have a wide range of bicycle accessories, such as cycling clothing and bags, but also all the parts for your bike.

We can replace worn parts quickly with a new. and there is a wide choice of cycling gear.

Do you need something specific, feel free to come along and we will be happy to help.